About Us

We are a small Berlin-based studio providing you with creative solutions for your sound and music productions.

Our products allow you to tap into mechanical vibrations of nearly any object, thus turning it into an invaluable asset for your next creative sound and media production. Whether professional music producer, experimental sound designer, or ambitious hobbyist searching for new sounds, plonk provides you with an ecosystem, not only of tools for, but also of techniques and knowledge in creative sound collection and manipulation.

Behind plonk are Constantin Engelmann and Till Bovermann. Alongside fixing your orders and assembling struktophons in our small studio in the heart of Berlin, we work on the one or other next big thing. Stay tuned!

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We are humbled to have the opportunity to make our dream come true: a small company dedicated to produce and distribute tools to listen to the delicacies of our surroundings. Not least because it is an inherent part of what makes contact microphones so interesting —there’s so much to listen to— we deeply care for our environment and therefore organise our production and design efforts accordingly. Alongside following the usual norms and regulations (WEEE, CE, RoHS, …), we produce locally where possible and make our products robust and repair-able so that they, given appropriate care, will last a lifetime.

Do you have a challenging problem you think we could help out with? There’s an insane project you’d like to do but don’t have the financial means? Are you curious how things work? There are no limits. Get in touch, we’ll figure something out!

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Plonk received founder’s funding in 2021 by “Creative Prototyping - das Berliner Startup Stipendium an der UdK Berlin”, financed by the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin (Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry).