structure-borne sound, bespoke solutions


Struktophon is a contact microphone, made for recordists.

It is simple to attach to any object or instrument, so you can focus on exploring unique sounds instead of on technical details. Just plug Struktophon into your audio recorder and you are set.

Struktophon will soon be your close companion, no matter if you are in the studio or on the road, recording indoors or outside: Its small size means that you can always carry it wih you.

And how does it sound? Listen yourself:

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We are a Berlin-based studio dedicated to offer you creative solutions for your next creative sound production.

Got an idea that requires handling of structure-borne sound? No matter if you are looking for tips and tricks, professional contact-microphone recordings and post-production, or a bespoke solution for a bigger project, we got you covered.


Plonk received founder’s funding in 2021 by “Creative Prototyping — das Berliner Startup Stipendium an der UdK Berlin”, financed by the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin (Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry).